In partnership with Caratell, SJGF2018 presents The Poetry Of Enamelling!

Presented by Caratell founder Mr Michael Koh, this unique Jewellery Enamelling Masterclass lasting 4 to 5 hrs allows participants to discover the following:

     -   Understand the different types of enamelling and introducing Cloisonné enamelling using a firing torch

     -   Discover fun and simple techniques to create original enamelled pieces quickly

     -   Learn how to prepare, apply and fire enamel for maximum clarity on a silver base

The session includes one sterling silver pendant, firing enamel powder (both transparent and opaque) and tools will be provided in class only. 

Worth S$260, this masterclass will be offered to SJGF visitors at a special event fee of S$150 only! Class participation is capped at 6 pax per day and participants needs to be of minimum 10 years old. 

To embark on your discovery journey of Poetry of Enamelling, please contact [email protected] or +65 6251 2292 and let us know your available dates.