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Satisfy your artistic senses and experience SJGF's Art & Lifestyle Showcase! Featuring unique contemporary art, crafts, furniture and a wide range of lifestyle products from Southeast Asia and the region, SJGF continues to synergise art and jewellery pieces in one creative space.

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Hiding in Plain Sight - SJGF Presents a Bejeweling Afternoon with Emma Hack, Body Paint Camouflage Artist, Live

Date: 26 October 2018, Friday (ONE DAY ONLY!)

Witness art brought to life by Australian artist Emma Hack!

Known for her unique and intricate designs
join Emma as she live-paints a model on the SJGF show floor across a span of 6 hours, using Jewellery as the overarching theme. Phototaking will be allowed - don't miss the opportunity to see her completed artwork from 4pm on 26 October!


EMMA HACK is an artist working in the unique medium of body paint installation and photography. Exhibiting extensively throughout Australia and overseas since 1999, Emma’s astounding artworks have captured the attention of collectors and art lovers worldwide.

Emma has received great acclaim for her refined body paint camouflage technique; through a combination of painting on canvas, body painting and studio-based photography, her work evokes a rich array of visual narrative and magical realism. 

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