Designer Category

All submissions to the contest may be used by JDMIS, Eye2Eye and UBM (hereinafter referred to as the Organizers) for promotional purposes including but not limited to:                      
 - Use of renderings
 - Use of actual data for generating renders or promotional images
 - Use of photographs of printed pieces and design process
 - Duplication of physical pieces to be used as samples
 - Photography and videography of event activities at the DYR Competition booth.

The Organizers will not sell contestants’ designs/finished pieces.

Submission, Voting

Submissions to the professional competition are by a panel selected by the organizers. Winners will be determined by three primary criteria of their designs: aesthetics, practicality of production and commercial viability.

Valid submissions must include:
a) 2D image (rendering) of the design
b) 3D model (STL format) of the jewellery piece
    (note: STL file will be printed as-is; for the purpose of prototyping, participants may wish to include gems in their 
    STL files to be printed in resin.)
    (note: the Organizers reserve the right not to print large or multi-piece jewellery components.
c) Completed application form, including name, contact details, design description and 

Competition entries are limited to 3 per person.

Designs must fit within a bounding box of 30 mm x 30mm x 40mm and consist of a single manifold object if they are to be printed.

All competition entries must be the exclusive copyright of the entrant or have written permission of the copyright holder. Finalists will be required to confirm ownership of or permission to use submitted designs.

Entrant Qualification

SJGF JDMIS Design Your Ring Competition (DESIGNER) category is open to participants already familiar with 3D modelling and jewellery.

Participants may be enthusiasts, students, jewellery professionals or professionals from other industries.

The judging panel and their affiliates shall not be eligible to enter into this competition.


All entrants agree that if their entry is awarded, their name may be used for the purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity of the current and future competitions and exhibitions without further compensation.


The Organizers will not be liable for any misuse of any submissions and/or failure by any third party to comply with the contest guidelines.

Competition organizers may advertise or promote the competition via whatever channels they see fit; said promotion may include the latest competiton submissions, the top submissions or any other representative sample of submissions selected at the discretion of the organizers. 


Personal information collected from each entry throughout the duration of this contest will be used by the Organizers for administrative and promotional purposes.


The Organizers shall endeavor to produce 3d prototypes of the designs made by participants of the Design your Ring Contest at no cost to participants. Production of said prototypes shall be scheduled in batches at the sole discretion of the Organizers and subject to the limitations of the 3D printing equipment being used. In the case of 3D models created by participants and their design assistants being unsuitable for 3D printing, the Organizers shall not be responsible for the resulting 3D print. Prototypes will only be produced at the jewellery show using available equipment and consumables. 3D prototypes are produced on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.