Calling all jewellery enthusiasts - join us for 30 min seminars produced by our partners to provide in-depth information behind the Jewellery trade and industry. Check out SJGF2017's seminar lineup below!

By the Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS): 

  - Technology: Changing the Consumer Jewellery Experience 
  - Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires: Unusual Facts Unveiled  
  - Variety Is The Spice Of Life: Discover Exciting Alternatives To Traditional Gems 
  - Does Your Jewellery have a History?   


By Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT):

 - Ruby and Sapphire Trade From Mine To Market
By Thanong Leelawanasuk, Chief of Gem Testing Laboratory 

Enhance knowledge, understanding and appreciate the rarity of ruby and sapphire. The seminar will bring you to explore through the value chain of these gems from deposit to your beautiful jewelry pieces.

 - Understanding Ruby and Sapphire Treatments  
By Saengthip Sangbuarnglom , GIT Gemologist

Learn more on type of Ruby and Sapphire treatments and How to identify and differentiate: 

1. Type of treatments
2. Conventional heat treatment
3. Low temperature heat treatment
4. HPHT treatment  

By Loupin Jewels:

 - Beautiful, Valuable, Powerful: Gemstones in Stories and in Real Life 
By Remus Zhong, founder of Loupin Jewels 

Throughout the ages, gemstones have been associated with nobility, power and intrigue. This fascination has found its way into many of our favourite stories. 

Explore the ideas and meanings behind these beautiful icons and understand the significance they bring to our daily lives.

 - Buying Gemstones: What to Look Out For 
By Remus Zhong, founder of Loupin Jewels 

What do you usually do before you make a significant purchase? Do you ask a friend? Search for reviews? Check if the merchant has an online presence? 

But what if you are in an exotic locale in a foreign land with no connectivity, and you meet a gem seller or miner holding a gemstone that you can’t help but love at first sight?  

How will you know if it’s worth buying and how much should you pay? Come, and find out!


By The Gem Museum:

 - The Chameleon and other Phenomenal Gems 
By Tay Kunming, Co-founder of The Gem Museum and Director of Far East Gems Group

Coloured gemstones have always been intriguing and mysterious to mankind. What man cannot fathom many times are the wonders of nature and what some rare gems nature can produce. This talk is about the Chameleon diamond that changes colour under different conditions and some other phenomenal gems that are less common to many people.

 - Fancy Coloured Diamonds - Beauty that comes with a price
By Tay Kunming, Co-founder of The Gem Museum and Director of Far East Gems Group

The 4Cs is an international standard that determines the value of white, colourless diamonds. This is also a system that the entire industry uses to qualify and evaluate the price of a colourless diamonds. But the fancy coloured diamond is often not well understood. Its rarity and beauty have been overlooked and undermined. This talk discusses the value of coloured diamonds and its importance in the diamond industry.

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