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The leading monthly news magazine for the world's jewellery trade; diamond, pearl, gemstone and jewellery-making equipment and supplies sectors in Asia. Every month Jewellery News Asia features original reports by experienced journalists. By providing the latest information on key facts, figures and trends, readers will stay ahead of their competition, and therefore make better business decisions. Jewellery News Asia contains the most valuable information you need about Asia: news from Asia, news from the rest of the jewellery world and how it affects Asia, reports on trade figures, auction results, company news, new designs and products. Since its launch in 1983, Jewellery News Asia has been the leading regional publication chosen by the world's jewellery industry. It is the publication that the industry professionals choose to read and where they prefer to advertise.



SOLITAIRE was established in 2002 and is the most recognised magazine title read and collected by jewellery connoisseurs throughout the Asia Pacific and the world.



Timeout Singapore
Timeout Singapore provides you everything you need to know about what to do, where to eat and where to go in Singapore — where nightlife, entertainment and the arts are booming like never before. All venues and events are reviewed with complete editorial independence and without influence from advertisers.



Hong Kong Jewellery Magazine
Hong Kong Jewellery (HKJM) is the premiere trade quarterly published in Hong Kong for the world’s jewellery professionals. It was launched in 1978 when the blooming jewellery industry in Hong Kong was in the quest for updated trade information, industry news and design ideas.


DONT is a premium fashion magazine in Thailand representing ICON-STYLE-ART-CULTURE.